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All about National E-Assessment Scheme

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​​ E- Assessment Procedure






The E Assessment Scheme is​​ introduced by the Central Board of Direct Taxes in order to move into the direction of digitization of records of the assesse. It will come into effect from 08th​​ October, 2019. The relevant sections are amended as to give effect to the digital records, digital signatures , authenticity of digital records and hearing over video conferencing. In effect, the man to man process is reduced to the minimum possible.​​ 

Fig 1.1

E- Assessment Centers:​​ 

In order to digitize the whole assessment process, the Board may​​ set up certain centers to facilitate the conduct of the e-assessment. Such centers perform different functions at different stages of the assessment. Moreover, every center is connected to each other through one common point which is the National E-Assessment Center. It is the principle​​ center for whole of the assessment procedure. Any communication between the centers or with the asseessee must take place through this one center.​​ 

Fig 1.2

  • National E-Assessment Center (NAC) : It is set up to facilitate the conduct of the assessment in a centralized manner.​​ 

  • Regional E-Assessment Center (RAC) : It is jurisdictional assessment center which shall be vested with the power to make assessment in accordance with the provisions of the scheme.​​ 

  • Assessment Units: It is set up to perform the function of making assessment.​​ 

  • Verification Units: It is set up to perform the function of verification, which includes enquiry, cross verification, examination of books of accounts, etc.​​ 

  • Technical Units: It is set up to perform the function of providing technical assistance which includes any assistance or advice on legal, accounting, valuation, transfer pricing, etc.​​ 

  • Review Units: It is set up to perform the function of review of the draft assessment order, which includes checking whether the relevant and material evidence has been brought on record, whether the relevant points of fact or law have been duly incorporated in the draft order, etc.​​ 

Fig 1.3

Procedure for Assessment

Step 1 : The NAC Shall serve a notice on the assesse under section 143(2) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 specifying the issues for selection of his case for assessment.​​ 

Step 2 : The assesse, on receipt of notice, make a response to NAC within 15 days.​​ 

Step 3 : The NAC shall assign the case to a specific​​ assessment unit in any one Regional E-Assessment Center through an automated allocated system.​​