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MCA Update regarding enhancement of Authorized capital in SPICe form and procedure of shifting of registered office

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In the recent notification by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs dated 06-03-2019, there are 2 updates in the Companies (Incorporation) rules, the detail of which is as follows:-

1.Newspaper advertisement for shifting of registered office from One State to Another

Earlier, the word “widest” has been used in the mode of circulation of advertisement through english newspaper. Now, it has been substituted with the word “wide”. That means, now for the purpose of circulation of  advertisement through english newspaper, any newspaper having wide reachability (even having regional reachability) can be used and it is acceptable by the MCA.

2. Zero incorporation fee in SPICe form having Authorized share capital upto Rs. 15 Lakhs with effect from 18-03-2019

Earlier, the limit is Rs. 10 Lakhs for nil incorporation fee using SPICe form. Now the limit has been increased to Rs. 15 Lakhs. However, the stamp duty charges remain the same and there is no changes in that.

To download the Notification, click here Companies (Incorporation) AmendmentRules 2019


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