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Notification No. 09/2019-Central Tax (Rate) ,dt. 29-03-2019 Seeks to amend notification No. 02/2019- Central Tax (Rate) so as to provide for application of Composition rules to persons opting to pay tax under notification no. 2/2019- Central Tax (Rate).

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Government​​ of​​ India​​ Ministry​​ of​​ Finance​​ (Department​​ of​​ Revenue)


Notification​​ No.​​ 9/2019-Central​​ Tax​​ (Rate)


New​​ Delhi,​​ the​​ 29th​​ March,​​ 2019


G.S.R......(E).-​​ In​​ exercise​​ of​​ the​​ powers​​ conferred​​ by​​ sub-section​​ (1)​​ of​​ section​​ 9,​​ sub-​​ section​​ (1)​​ of​​ section​​ 11,​​ sub-section​​ (1)​​ of​​ section​​ 16​​ of​​ the​​ Central​​ Goods​​ and​​ Services​​ Tax​​ Act,​​ 2017​​ (12​​ of​​ 2017)​​ (herein​​ after​​ referred​​ to​​ as​​ the​​ “said​​ Act”),​​ the​​ Central​​ Government,​​ on​​ the​​ recommendations​​ of​​ the​​ Council,​​ and​​ on​​ being​​ satisfied​​ that​​ it​​ is​​ necessary​​ in​​ the​​ public​​ interest​​ so​​ to​​ do,​​ hereby​​ makes​​ the​​ following​​ amendments​​ in​​ the​​ notification​​ of​​ the​​ Government​​ of​​ India,​​ in​​ the​​ Ministry​​ of​​ Finance​​ (Department​​ of​​ Revenue)​​ No.02/2019-​​ Central​​ Tax​​ (Rate),​​ dated​​ the​​ 7thMarch,​​ 2019,​​ published​​ in​​ the​​ Gazette​​ of​​ India,​​ Extraordinary,​​ Part​​ II,​​ Section​​ 3,​​ Sub-section​​ (i),​​ vide​​ number​​ G.S.R. 189(E),​​ dated​​ the​​ 7th​​ March,​​ 2019,​​ namely:-


In​​ the said​​ notification,​​ -


  • in the​​ Table,​​ in column 3,​​ after​​ clause​​ 7, the​​ following​​ clause​​ shall​​ be​​ inserted,​​ namely:​​ -


“8.​​ Where​​ any​​ registered​​ person​​ who​​ has​​ availed​​ of​​ input​​ tax​​ credit​​ opts​​ to​​ pay​​ tax​​ under​​ this​​ notification,​​ he​​ shall​​ pay​​ an​​ amount,​​ by​​ way​​ of​​ debit​​ in​​ the​​ electronic​​ credit​​ ledger​​ or​​ electronic​​ cash​​ ledger,​​ equivalent​​ to​​ the​​ credit​​ of​​ input​​ tax​​ in​​ respect​​ of​​ inputs​​ held​​ in​​ stock​​ and​​ inputs​​ contained​​ in​​ semi-finished​​ or​​ finished​​ goods​​ held​​ in​​ stock​​ and​​ on​​ capital​​ goods​​ as​​ if​​ the​​ supply​​ made​​ under​​ this​​ notification​​ attracts​​ the​​ provisions​​ of​​ section​​ 18(4)​​ of​​ the​​ said​​ Act​​ and​​ the​​ rules​​ made​​ there-under​​ and​​ after​​ payment​​ of​​ such​​ amount,​​ the​​ balance​​ of​​ input​​ tax​​ credit,​​ if​​ any,​​ lying​​ in his​​ electronic​​ credit​​ ledger​​ shall​​ lapse.”;


  • in​​ paragraph​​ 3,​​ in​​ the​​ Explanation,​​ after​​ clause​​ (ii),​​ the​​ following​​ clause​​ shall​​ be​​ inserted,​​ namely:​​ -

“(iii)​​ the​​ Central​​ Goods​​ and​​ Services​​ Tax​​ Rules,​​ 2017,​​ as​​ applicable​​ to​​ a​​ person​​ paying​​ tax​​ under​​ section​​ 10​​ of​​ the​​ said​​ Act​​ shall,​​ mutatis​​ mutandis,​​ apply​​ to​​ a​​ person​​ paying​​ tax​​ under​​ this​​ notification.”.

2. This​​ notification​​ shall​​ come​​ into​​ force​​ on the 1st​​ day​​ of​​ April,​​ 2019.






(Pramod​​ Kumar)​​ Deputy​​ Secretary​​ to the​​ Government​​ of​​ India


Note:​​ -The​​ principal​​ notification​​ No.​​ 02/2019​​ -​​ Central​​ Tax​​ (Rate),​​ dated​​ the​​ 7th​​ March,​​ 2019​​ was​​ published​​ in​​ the​​ Gazette​​ of​​ India,​​ Extraordinary,​​ vide​​ number​​ G.S.R.​​ 189​​ (E),​​ dated​​ the​​ 7th​​ March,​​ 2019.


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